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Đàn Piano Korg Conrert C7000

Đàn Piano Korg Conrert C7000

  • Keyboard:   88 key, Graded Hammer Action (RH3), Three velocity curves, Wooden sliding key cover, Tone Generating System:   Piano eXperience stereo sampling
  • Polyphony:   60 voices (maximum)
  • Modes:   Normal, Layer
  • Programs:   30 (4 Acoustic Pianos, Honky-tonk, Electric Grand, 6 Electric Pianos, Harpsichord, 2 Clavis, Vibraphone, Marimba, Acoustic Guitar, 3 Jazz Organs, 3 Church Organs, 2 Strings, 2 Pads, 2 Choirs)
  • Effects:   Reverb, Chorus (3 levels each)
  • Demos:   30 songs
  • Metronome:   Tempo, Time Signature, Accent, Volume controls
  • Tuning:   Transpose, Fine tuning, Temperament (Equal, Kirnberger, Werckmeister)
  • Pedals:   Damper (supporting half-pedaling), Soft (supporting half-pedaling), Sostenuto
  • Outputs:   Left/Mono, Right Headphones (x2)
  • MIDI:   In, Out  Amplification System:   25W x 2
  • Speakers:   2 x 13 cm
  • Power:   DC18V AC adapter
  • Colors available:   Dark Rosewood, Light Cherry
  • Dimensions (W x D X H):   53.90″ x 18.19″ x 34.21″  1,369 x 462 x 869 mm
  • Weight:   110.23 lbs. / 50.0 kg
  • Accessories: AC adapter,Song Book,CD-ROM with KORG USB-MIDI Driver for Windows XP,*Sounds processed by INFINITY software, *All other product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders, Specifications subject to change without notice
  • Wide range of sounds. Thirty different and expressive high-quality sounds, including a Stereo Concert Grand Piano. You can use the Layer function to simultaneously play two sounds.
  • Effects. The C-320 provides built-in digital effects that can simulate the natural ambience of a concert hall (Reverb) and add richness to the sound (Chorus).
  • Pedal effects. The C-320 provides the same three pedals as a grand piano, controlling the soft, sostenuto, and damper functions respectively. The damper pedal simulates the natural string resonances of an acoustic piano. Both the damper pedal and the soft pedal let you vary the amount of the effect by how far you press down on the pedal (“half-pedal” function).
  • Metronome. The built-in metronome allows you to select the time signature, tempo, and volume, and even use a bell sound as the accent.
  • Touch control. You can choose from three different settings to adjust how the sound will respond to your keyboard playing dynamics.
  • Temperaments. In addition to the Equal temperament, the C-320 allows you to select two alternative classical temperaments (Kirnberger and Werckmeister) for historically accurate performance of classical music. When selecting an acoustic piano sound, the typical Stretched Tuning is automatically selected.
  • Adjustable pitch. The Transpose function lets you change the pitch of the piano, and the Pitch Control function allows you to make fine tune adjustments.
  • MIDI capabilities. The C-320 supports the MIDI protocol, the standard that allows music data to be transferred between musical instruments and computers. MIDI 8 Introduction allows two or more devices to control or be controlled by each other, and also allows you to use the C-320 as a 16-part multitimbral tone generator.
  • Powerful integrated amplification. C-320 includes a powerful, 25 Watt amplifier, with two 13cm speakers.
  • Two sets of headphones. You can connect two stereo headphones, to play with your teacher or another musician.
Giá: 5.000.000₫
Số lượng :
Hãng sản xuất : Korg
Xuất xứ : Japan
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